Chapter 9-Page-26-FINISHED

Gabrielle used the ‘F’ word, and even though it wasn’t ‘FIRED,’ it comes out to just about the same. Also, Kat Smith is the TV champion. Again.
This page with everything being said and not-said will affect things for the rest of the Season.

For more of their sordid history between Sabrina, Vince and Kat, check this LINK.

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  1. Sabrina’s doing the right thing by sticking to what she believe is the right thing to do.

    Something tells me that the boss may regret those chosen words on Sabrina…:(

    Either that or it’s just the beginning of a very long fall for Sabrina’s career. πŸ™

    • I’ve always felt that Sabrina was given far too much, far too quickly. The first season was all about Sabrina’s meteoric rise, maybe its time somebody shoved her off the mountain for a little vacation at the bottom.

    • Well it seems strange that everyone that heard the threat would stay quiet about it. This could and should lead to a major rebellion because if they accept it then they know things will be rigged in future.

  2. the only loser I see is Vincent, got hit by the ultrakick, the a this, as for the ‘f’ word, finish is totally different from fired, so Sabrina will be around, no doubt about that

    in anyways, bhul khatos guides, Sabrina

  3. Did Sabrina think that Marina was lying? Did she think that since she’s highly popular and has high merchandise sales that Gabriella was bluffing, that Gabriella wouldn’t have the courage to do anything but give her a slap on the wrist?

    If that’s the case I’d fire her too.

    • Sabrina knew that there was going to be a problem with what she did but she choose to do the right thing.

  4. Hmmmm I dunno. This all feels pretty strange to me. What’s Gabs been smoking?

    But I admire Brina taking her stand and standing by her decision. She might shed a tear now. But if she’d done otherwise she’d regret it all her life. This is high tragedy for her and the fans. But I hope there’s more to explain Gabs going off the deep end like this.

      • The company isn’t in trouble, it will continue without her. Sabrina’s “firing” won’t suddenly bring it all crashing down. There are other girls on the roster who can step in and take her place, girls who are hungry for a chance at the spotlight.

        No matter how popular Sabrina is, like everyone else, SHE IS EXPENDABLE.

        • She is not irreplaceable, true.

          However that doesn’t mean you waste valuable resources on an emotionally-charged whim.

        • You underestimate how far this comic is willing to go to make Sabrina the good girl who will always come out on top. Don’t be surprised if Rival Angels goes down while whatever indy Sabrina’s in challenges for the top spot.

        • Her emotions are justified. Her employee just disobeyed direct orders even though she was told she would be fired. To me, that’s a giant “f*** you.”

        • I don’t think Sabrina taking a dirty title win is comparable to NUKING NEW YORK CITY AND KILLING EVERYBODY IN IT!

        • Yeah, not really relevant. The point is that the orders given to Sabrina were just mind-blowingly stupid. She elected to ignore them.

      • You’re welcome to go for the title of chief bottle washer, valet, foot stool, or Miss California.

        When you start generating more than half my merch revenues – and beat somebody of note – I’ll put in a word about getting you a TV title shot. Now be a good girl and go fetch me a diet pop πŸ˜€

        • It’s hard to beat anyone of note when I keep getting stuck in matches with you. Easy wins, sure, but no one likes squash matches anymore.

  5. Jokes aside, (no Bren, not your title reign,) I can’t exactly say I approve of Gabrielle’s handling of the situation. It seems highly emotional, and that’s never the state you want to be in when making these kinds of decisions.

    • Yes it is strange. And we don’t know enough to intuit and justification for it. Even Callie is upset, and she’s used to going around around in a vacuum, the space cadet.

      • Who said I’m upset? Midcarders come and go, (I think your run’s about done!) The bigger problem is that Gabrielle doesn’t seem to be thinking as clearly as she should, and as that could negatively impact me, is worthy of concern.

  6. Brenda said what I wanted to regarding who made wise decisions and who didn’t in this case. Callie said what I wanted to about making stupid decisions in the heat of the moment.

    The fans are probably going to let Gabby know how they feel on this issue. Firing a wrestler as the crowd’s chanting their name because they pulled a Nick Fury and elected to ignore stupid orders from on high? Not going to be a popular decision.

    Michael’s got a reason to celebrate right now, though. Right now, his stupid decision leading up to this mess is being completely eclipsed by the boss making a stupid decision in the aftermath. He may still have a job!

    • Michael’s plan wasn’t some evil plot. He just wanted to make the title match interesting, get higher ratings. He had good intentions, it just ended up blowing up in his face.

      • Yeah, screw-ups of this magnitude are not tolerated in the business world. Not with the regularity that Michael makes them, especially. Intentions are great and all, but results are what really matter.

    • All I can add is that Gabby has a very firm grip on the Idiot Ball right now. I’m frustrated with this arc not so much because bad things are happening to Sabrina (believe it or not, I don’t mind seeing her sweat for the drama), but because it requires someone who had previously appeared to be fairly shrewd to take a page from the Stephanie McMahon school of being a good boss. Gabby is making massively stupid decisions because, well, because.

      I think I may sit this one out and pick up in a chapter or two.

      • You echoed my thoughts very well, regarding how Gabby seems to be channeling the McMahon’s. ‘Best for Business’ became really old after it was repeated on WWE for about two weeks. I’m now waiting for that story line to go away, so we can get back to wrestling. I’m disappointed that that phrase is being repeated here.

        • Eh? The wrestling in the WWE has been as good as it’s been since Benoit and Guerrero were around. The Shield have been a revelation, Orton cares again, and Bryan’s found a way to really meld his abilities with both WWE TV sprints and PPV epics.


    On the plus side, Imma in the perfect place for Gabby to watch my ass walk right out the door!!

    This is bad management for beginning to end Gabs, simply awful.



    Baby ‘Brina Watch!

    Bath Time is Happy Time!


    This is a most welcome change.


    • If you think about it, there’s not much to “do” with a championship belt. I mean, sure, possessing it is great on its own, but that’s more a state of being. If you want something active to do with it, beating people seems to be the biggest thing.

      It’s too gaudy for a fashion accessory, and too heavy to hold your pants up. So if you’re looking at practical applications for the championship, apart from the pride and prestige, it’s basically just a license to carry a really shiny bludgeon.

      I want a championship scepter.

  8. I told Sabrina she should have just gone through with it, despite being happy she made the decision she did. Nobody every listens to me until it’s too late. Though I do wonder what the hell Gabrielle is thinking. If there were cameras back there filming that while the fans are still chanting Sabrina’s name and booing Katherine just being handed the title like that, then surely she must know that ratings and revenue, regardless of who she did this to, might take a hit just because she kept making dumbass decision after dumbass decision. Letting Michael have anything to do with booking such a high profile match was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was approving of Vincent as the ref. Mistake #3 was not stopping the match when the ref decided to go (At least when Ryback got screwed out of the WWE Championship, it was obvious the very next night the “ref” was going to be keeping his job in the WWE at least a little while longer). And now you have this little outburst, likely with all the fans watching, as mistake #4 if this was caught on camera. Yeah, the fans aren’t going to take kindly to this. Though I can’t help but wonder what Sun will think. Surely, she’ll have heard by morning at the very least. *Grabs some popcorn, a 2-litre of Coke, a pizza and two hot dogs* I may not like this particular turn of events, but the story is too good to walk out on now.

    And a round of applause for Katherine for once.

  9. You know, know that I think about it, this is WCW-level dumbass decision making coming from Gabrielle here recently.

  10. I approve of Kat’s behaviour.

    I actually didn’t know the boss was an idiot though. I mean, I’ve never run a wrestling company before, but to me the smart thing to do would seem to be firing the ref, firing the idiot who appointed the ref, then having a do-over next week.

    Why does it matter if your interim belt has no waist to sit around for a week?

    I’m actually having trouble understanding why she should be “you’re finished” angry with Sabrina over this outcome. Your crowd favourite just did something that the crowd clearly approved of, and you’re mad about it?

    Has she been sharing drugs with Krystin or something?

    • They say the best drugs are the prescription variety. XD

      More on Gabrielle’s reaction next update, as the VI suggests that maybe she’s feeling a different emotion.

  11. /well fortunately, since the WWE creative staff hacked into albone’s computer to steal his storyline we can expect a “finished” sabrina to keep showing up at random events (having bought a ticket) to mess things up for kat in the near future (or to ultrakick Gabby- either/or).

    nice to see Ian from ELITE show up there at the end…what there’s TWO people that shade of orange in Diz Bidness?

    i also suspect Xtina is up to something as she lurks in the background…maybe to tell brina they need to go shopping with Erin to take her mind off things no doubt. (nods wisely)

    as for the VI i’m sure Gabby’s expression in entirely due to Michael walking up with a big smile and proudly saying “see i told you my idea would be epic!”

    • An Xtina/Erin/Sabrina get together isn’t out of the question. XD And Xtina is sizing up the situation that includes everyone involved including Sabrina, Dyna, and Sammie.

      You might be something on to Michael’s reaction. XD

        • forgot to add- or she’s secretly Wilson from Home Improvement and that’s her new gimmick of having something always be in front of her face when she shows up πŸ˜‰

  12. Did I shrink again? Or is Gabby and Sam like 5’11”?

    Aiyaa… and look my skinny limbs. Guess I need to do work shoulders and arms hard this week.

  13. We got room for ya over at FAWN, Sabrina. Sure, we don’t always pay as much as RA, and you’ll have to start at the bottom, but we’re all a happy little family. πŸ˜‰

  14. Wow…..I didn’t expect Gabrielle to lose it like that. I always saw her as the cool collected type. Now she truly has a mess on her hands. The show after the PPV is supposed to be your big show to retaining old viewers/getting new fans and it ends in chaos (with the babyface refusing the belt). How do you do next week’s show (with/without Sabrina)?

    Backstage, you just told off your brainchild in public. If you keep your word, you lose the lockerroom (and money). If you don’t, respect could be lost. It could take some fast talking to keep her around. Japan will look mighty tempting to Sabrina after a good night sleep.

    And there’s Micheal/Vince. They might be nice stress release before trying to fix the issues.

    • There were big plans, obviously for this card after the PPV and since it went so sideways, Gabrielle’s rightfully upset. However, her immediate anger may be misplaced, but she’ll get around to everyone involved.

  15. On another note, I clearly need to work on my peace keeping/grappling skills…

    At least I’m looking awesome!


  16. Damn, this sort of came out of nowhere with Gabby. I don’t think she even got this pissed off when DeSchnoz tried to break Brina’s arm with that attack outside the bar.

    Don’t worry, Brina. If worse comes to worse in RA, there’s always a place for you in APW. We have a blossoming women’s division that offers stiff competition.

  17. You don’t need them, Sabby. You can go to the European League, or back to Japan. Or, start your own league and pit it against Rival Angels.

    Don’t bring Brooke along if you do, though. She’ll try to claim the whole thing was her idea, and then lose every match.

  18. So Sabrina finished? can’t be. Sabrina did the right thing, she want by her self not by win dirty. Feeling bad for Sabrina, annoyed to the belt handed to Kat. Sure fans wouldn’t be happy of what will happen to sabrina.

  19. About everything I expected it would be, except Kat retaining the belt. But RA isn’t the only game that’s out there, and both Sabrina and the boss lady know it.