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  1. what do mean Nikki tied the score for Damage Inc?

    it’s been the second match?
    did Hell’s Belles won against Damage inc again?

    Xtina VS Sun (again)

    I really like to see SUn lose…

    rarely seen Sun loss a match.. Sabrina loss matches many times, I want to see SUn lose..

  2. what’s Veronica Silvers stats?
    kinda forgot..

    and is Veronica VS Rampage match is a double countout?

    what’s the result

      • Victoria is pretty big herself. She carries it well, evincing power not just bulk. So that rollup works really well for her. When she gets on you, she sticks! And you’ll note here she set up just right to crush Amanda’s core and shut down her diaphragm, not over-committing her weight. Been studying me! πŸ˜€

    • I like Nikki & Angel, so Nikki winning is o.k.

      Veronica was my favourite vs Rampage. Same for Amanda vs Victoria.

  3. Prediction soon to come: Sabrina vs Sun. Will be an epic battle… πŸ˜€

    Hmm Veronica Silver had a tough time too…

    • it’s kinda predictable that way..

      if this were anime..

      Sun VS Sabrina will never happen..

      but the tired thing to watch is Xtina losing to Sun 2 times already..

      enough is enough..

      and Sun need to lose…

      it’s okay Kat lose to Sabrina.. via dq or countout..

      that’s okay..

        • There is always someone that a person just can’t beat. You can beat everyone they beat but just can’t get over on them. We might be seeing that here.

  4. Sometimes speed can become different battle moves…if Sun is quick on her feet and with her mind, then she is surely going to win her fight. πŸ™‚

  5. This is a great episode, boss! Every frame deserves to be on a t shirt or mug. There’s a real feeling of energy and tension. Expressions are right on!

    I winced to see what Rampage did to Veronica! That’s sending a loud and clear statement for sure. I’m gonna keep my eye on her. Hmmph!

  6. Jen needles must be happy Angel’s in the Belles, cause now there’s someone more jobberrific than she is now.

    Rampage gets some revenge on veronica from the heaven and hell triple threat match, too bad i like veronica depsite her limited “screentime” guessing she won by countout.

    Victoria winning doesn;t surprise me, she strikes me as being on the WHC level (as aopposed to the WWE champ level but above the IC level) upper midcard/lower main eventer.

    Xtina vs Sun is a tough one for me since i like both of them. i think Xtina needs the win more at this point (lost to brina, sun and krystin already while “only” showing the win over Kat- and whoever she beat in the tourney way back when). but i sense hijinks from Damage Inc will come into play and Sun wins. which leads to brina confronting her afterwards and asking why Sun needs help to win cause she’s better than that. more arguing ensues til marina drags brina off for her match.

    • LOL, poor Angel. XD

      I noticed that Veronica has a strong following considering we don’t get to see her very much. I’m happy to say that we’ll be seeing her in the rematch with Rampage at the next Monday Night Meltdown. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hope Rampage put her head down during that Gore attack. Yeah, the ‘tied the score’ comment confused me too. Is this referring to the long-running fued?

    Does RA have a weekend show? Wondering if Mo Chen, Brenda, Callie and the Golden Girl working this week…

  8. Nice use of the Sitout Tiger Driver by Nikki Foxx. Even if not advertised as a finisher, that’s a hard move to come back from. Rampage is looking as brutal as ever. And an excellent win by Victoria “British Bombshell” Buckingham. She reminds me of a stick of dynamite. Going by appearances alone, she doesn’t look that impressive, but we all know she packs one hell of a punch. As for Sun vs Xinta, I’ve got to go with Sun here. It’s like Rival Angel’s own Del Rio vs Van Dam. Xinta’s got all the skills and ability in the world, but Sun’s just got that style that’s almost impossible to predict. I’ve got to give this match to Sun

  9. Hm. While I agree that Carpenter needs an on screen win, I also agree that her constant losing to Sun could simply be a case of Sun being the one person she just can’t beat. Since she’s good enough to beat Katherine, I think Xtina vs. Sabrina for the TV Championship would be a good match, assuming Sabrina beats Katherine and then Krystin to become the legitimate champion and the #1 Contender named after this upcoming match is made to wait until it’s known who the Television Champion is after Krystin comes back.

    However, given how they parted in Japan and haven’t been able to talk since then, one’s temper and the other’s being busy being the key reasons why, I see Sabrina vs. Sun for the title being just as good, but with the added bonus of Sun getting to see first hand that the Sabrina she knew before she went to Japan is still alive and well.

    • A lot of people (not you, obviously) always forget how good Sun is. It might be why she’s so successful.

      I like your long-term ideas. Maybe they’ll happen? πŸ˜‰

      Sabrina vs Sun…always going to be a hot match. If/when those two fight, they can’t help but push it to another level and not always in a good way. Sabrina IS looking to show off her new skills she worked for in Japan.

  10. question al: When is Amanda Breaker is going to get on a winning streak? she was the first to be thrown over the top in the battle royale, she jumped by the belles, sucker punched ms. perfection, and now losing a match to one of my favorites Victoria Buckingham. again my earlier question I know Krystin is hurt now but when is she going to get her hands on Jennifer needles for breaking her hand?

    • Cool questions: Amanda winning streak? You’ll have to stay tuned but since she’s with Brooke, we’ll be seeing more of her. As you pointed, she’s pretty tough. !! Also, Victoria IS pretty cool.
      As for Krystin, she has to wait for her hand to heal back up. :/ Of course, she COULD interject herself into Jen’s matches…once Jen is back from suspension.

  11. Go Sun!

    I always have to cheer for the tiny person. Even if she behaves like a bit of a jerk sometimes. And cheats a bit…

    Okay I wouldn’t mind if she got sharpshooter’d a little bit. Just for being a jerk. And cheating. I think more people (who aren’t me) should get sharpshooter’d anyway. Sharpshooters are cool. Go Xtina!