What’s different: Sabrina isn’t being jumped post-match.
What’s similar: Sabrina fighting bad odds.
Some big questions here like, how can Sabrina fit in a new Rival Angels landscape, what’s the status of her friendship with Sun and…what answer did she give Yoshi’s marriage proposal? (I should point that while Xtina is married, she doesn’t fight with any jewelry, something most of the wrestlers follow).

The short version is that as of July, I’ll be updating twice a week, Wednesday and Friday.

The long version is…I just got laid off from the dayjob. I’ve been very lucky enough to be able to provide for my family as well as work on Rival Angels which, as much work as it is, has always been a labor of love. Moving forward in finding another job, I know that whatever job I get will require more from me, which is fine, but that means that Rival Angels has to take a hit but I think it’s a hit that is manageable. I still have more story to tell about Brooke, Krystin, Sun and Sabrina and it won’t be ending any time at all so thanks for your continued support!

And if your Rival Angels reading collection is lacking, feel free to pick up a book or two. 😉

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