Cocoa struck violent and fast, but Sabrina seemed to weather it pretty well, this not being her first time being jumped, though one of the first times ever being jumped by a former friend.

Audio Interview with Lora Innes
As some of you might know, my friend Lora Innes was the one who thought up of Cocoa Rococo in the first place, way back in 2009 and we’ve worked together to make her a part of the Rival Angels universe. I had a chance to talk to her this weekend about Cocoa, how she started and where she’s going. This is definitely a must for Cocoa and RA fans and is just under 8 minutes long, and a fast download. Check it out.

Voting Incentive!
Then again, could the Cocoa’s Double Armbar be too much for our Ultragirl? Vote to find out!