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  1. A reversal! What an upset! Noooo Brina! Yaaaayyy Roxxy! Up the Irish! USA! Bejabbers! Whoo! *is carted away by nice men in white coats*

  2. No Way! That cheating skank! No way! Where’s Alan!? NO WAY! No way Shamy even comes close to Saby in wrestling ability!

      • A pin says it all. But the journey there is half the fun. What is so interesting about this installment of Rival Angels is the reversal of fortunes, that is so real about wrestling. As what happens so often in wrestling, an opponent that is much more flexible or has more energy or both can turn take a move that is meant to finish her off and turn it around to be a trap. Also, it looks like Sabrina, for whatever reason, thought she had Shamrox sufficiently worn out. It looked way too early in the match for that.

  3. Sabrina is bit on a rush here..

    no ultrakick,
    just a DDT..


    I just want to ask Albone..

    Sabrina got a four pack abs, but weak when got hit.. hmmm..

    AnyWAYS again..

    I remember Chloe did work more on Sabrina’s abdominal with legscissors..

    could that be Sabrina’s weakness..

    and Shamrock 2- Sabrina -0

      • She did a somer-assault by catapulting herself off the top ropes. I doubt there is any ab-cizer that could have helped Saby on this one.

        Regarding attire, I wonder why Sabrina is wearing the full pants thing again?

  4. I can say..

    Jennifer Needles said “what the!!” when being pin on a ranhei

    Sabrina saying that being pin like that..

    • Though karma isn’t it, Sabrina has to lose sometimes so she does the little one then wins the big ones.

  5. Everyone takes a good loss now and then.. but they said it best last comic.. they were the only girls on the program and in a face v face fight no less..I hope this loss doesn’t depush sabrina..I also hope her tummy is fine but imagine taking 2 legs to the gut is a normal job hazard to flyers..and she IS a face so she actually gets to hit her rope moves ( poor jericho).

  6. extra ouch on the Ultra belly flop (my newly minted official name for the Ultrasplash when the other person gets their knees up so instead of a nice spiffy dive they get a painful belly flop).

    clearly this loss was because brina was back to her old gear and not her Cocoa inspired super aerodynamic one which would have cut through the air at least a second faster which would have prevented Shamrox from getting her knees up in time. so Sun’s influence is clearly a bad thing

    and seems like Shamrox is going to make Brina buy the drinks after the match now.

    • It’s like you read Shamrox’s mind. πŸ˜‰ Also, Cocoa wouldn’t come out and say it, but her feelings is that the outfit she picked out for Sabrina was working.

  7. Great episode boss. I really feel the tension and excitement! Looking at the VI I’d say it’s not over either.

  8. That’s the risk you take when you go for the high flying moves (Trust me on this, I’ve been beaten plenty of times because of it). Clever move by Shamrox to roll Brina up like that while she still has the wind knocked out of her

        • Being teenie, tiny, The Little Sparrow has been known to take flight when the occasion calls for it.


        • Sounds like a fun time. Who knows, Maybe Albone will do a mixed tag match. The Man that Gravity Forgot, Donny Icarus And The Little Sparrow, The Golden Girl Dizzy on one team, and who shall we take on?

      • That is so… it keeps with believability (realism belongs somewhere else than wrestling) that high risk moves sometimes backfire. Sabrina went high risk when Shamrox wasn’t as beaten down as she thought, and paid for it.

        For the record, I do wonder about the crying foul and where was here backup… Shamrox didn’t cheat that I saw, did a smart roll-up with her legs, and a run-in would have made Sabrina the heel here. Sometimes you lose a match, simple as that.