There is someone that is unhappy with Sun’s appearance in BRA.
And the Syndicate really could use some pointers from Hell’s Belles/Damage Inc.

And that’s a wrap for the story until January 2nd, but make sure to come back THIS Monday for a fun GUEST blog post about SHIMMER and it was her very first time at any wrestling show, much less a female wrestling one. And after that, we have some really great material from YOU that I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone.

Call for Fan Arts!
At the end of this month Rival Angels will be taking a break until the new year. I have some posts prepped of some work I’ve been doing, commissions and even some guest posts. I thought I would share the fun with you too and express some of your favorite angels! Anyone can play and you can pick any of your favorite Rival Angels characters. Just send in Rival Angels art, cosplay, photo-manips, fan fiction (please keep to a page or two), songs, etc., to archangel[at] or my DeviantArt account and I’ll post them over the break. Please have all submissions in by Monday, November 26th.