Chapter 5-Page-23-Don’t Cry

However DID Sabrina know it was Sun? The eyes were a pretty good giveaway, and so was the ‘airhead’ reference. Possibly something else?

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  1. “Well, duh. Unlike our readers, I can actually hear your voice, dummy!”

    And yeah. Hate it when my eyes sweat like that. *sniff*

  2. Sun is a master of disguise!!!! Thats such a great heel move.. boot the fallen out of the ring.. its their punishment for getting beat!!!

  3. Very touching episode. My eyes are sweating too. The art captures it all nicely.

    *Glances at GG and Snowy* Group Hugz!

  4. And Brina once again shows off her adorable side.  While Sun takes a moment to badmouth the two gals they just kicked the crap out of

  5. How did Sabby know it was Sun all along? Because in a country filled with sushi, sake, and sumo wrestling, Sun’s the only one who smells like American Chinese food.

    Ba-dum-dum! 😛

  6. Gee, I wonder. Could be Kunoichi is taller or shorter than Sun, maybe they’re built differently. Maybe Kunoichi doesn’t speak English. But yeah, the airhead comment, the green mist, and the visible eyes thing, they’re all dead giveaways.

    Anyway, BFFs FTW.  And my eyes aren’t sweating. I am shedding tears, but only because I stabbed myself in the eye while dealing with an itch. Ow. 

    • I think the voting incentive will help shed some light on how Sabrina knew it was Sun, but the eyes and Airhead comment are also dead giveaways.

      It’s fine if you got misty eyed during the reunion. You’re in good company. XD

  7. i can’t believe Brina turned heel on Sun in panel 2! Sun comes over to help and is the recipient of a Ultra-bearhug by Brina! but at least Sun fights back in panel 3 pulling brina’s hair hard enough to make her eyes sweat and break the hold.

    can such BFFs survive such a pivotal turn against each other?
    will Cocoa come in to make the save?
    will figuring out the answers to these and many other questions force Albone to take the rest of the year off to figure it out?
    stay tuned, same Angel time, same Angel channel to find out.    

  8. Nice!  And the voting incentive implies that Sun mugged the previous owner of the hoodie – snicker, snicker (or bad sushi?)!

    I might have to use that “sweating eyes” excuse sometime. 

  9. Sweat in the eyes isn’t fun. The salt content burns ever so much.

    Ah, Sabrina can use that as a cover. When she’s crying, just drop to her knees, cover her eyes, and shout, “ARGH! IT BUUUURNS!”