Hurricanrana! (or Springboard Hurricanrana, if you like!) Callie goes up and over. Can Sabrina keep the strong brit down for the three count? Find out on Monday!

Guest Art!
Attached with with the Voting Incentive today is a really fun piece that my friend Meg did of herself and Chloe DeSade! There’s no mistake how she feels about the queen of mean. Be sure to check out Meg’s awesome page as she’s got several comic projects as well as a beautiful gallery.

Voting Incentive!
Did Sabrina get the win or does Callie fight another update? Vote to see what’s coming on Monday!
Be sure to vote to also see Meg’s kickass pic of her and Chloe!

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I will be taking a brief break from updating Rival Angels between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. It’s the first break ever in five years but I need it. And keep in mind that while I might not be updating the comic, I’ll still be working on Rival Angels. How could I not? 😛  I will try and post some stuff during that time, for sneak peeks and to keep you updated.