Chapter 5-Page-12-Funbags

Lots of emotions on this page, mainly by Sabrina. (surprise, eh?)

Brooke sighting! so, who’s got the worse punishment? Sabrina or Brooke?

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  1. What a silly silly question albone. Sabrina is over seas getting everything handed to her as usual while Brooke was ent to Hell…Dark Match hell that is. Oh it is so hard being Sabrina…having to fight for everything handed to you…boo hoo…boo hoo….

    • I agree, its pretty laughable to call what sabrina’s going through a punishment. I mean, other than the change of venue nothing has really changed for her, she even has another group of 3 friends.

      As for Brooke, I just hope she’s able to bounce back. Her pain is my pain.  

      • I don’t think the time in Japan was supposed to actually be a punishment, (her upcoming match notwithstanding.) It was a move by Gabby that could appear to be punishment, but really that would get her hot property (with the equally hot head) some seasoning abroad.

    • No Sabrina got’s it worse….they eat raw fish in Japan!  Oh never mind that is a good thing, fish, fish, fish.  I know they tend to be short so Sabrina feels like a giant.  Yes that is it she is upset because she is so tall there and doesn’t have anything going for her like some victories in the ring, a boyfriend, a great place to live….Umm never mind.

    • Someone needs a pass.  Brooke gets punished because she wasn’t good enough.  Hells Belles bring a crowd.

    • Brooke is Hell’s Belles but that doesn’t mean that Kat, Jen or any other member (if there are any new ones 😉  )is going to stick up for Brooke. As we’ve seen Elite’s not so good at it either. 

  2. “Whatever, airhead. I need to live vicariously through you now.” So do most parasites. Ah, but Sun does just keep getting more and more quotable.

    Anyway, I’m not sure what Sabrina got was a punishment at all. Yeah, she was part of the problem at the wedding, but what Brooke had been doing behind not-well-closed doors before then was far worse and I for one agree with darkmark that she deserves what she got. Judging by that picture, I’m willing to bet on two things: First, whatever that was with whoever was in the limo after the wedding (Hell’s Belles, yes, but who specifically? I still hold that it wasn’t necessarily Katherine), whatever connections she thought she was making did not prove to be of any benefit to her. And two, that she is damn lucky to even still be employed by Rival Angels and that if she thought at any point that whatever trouble she got into, she could make Welker make it go away, but Gabrielle is doing her job in this situation and making Michael not do anything for her while this happens.

    • Hell’s Belles or not, many a feather was still ruffled and those sort of people need their pound of flesh. Some punishments are literal and physical. Some are emotional and mental. 

  3. It’s a punishment in that all of Sabrina’s momentum in Rival Angels that she built by getting to the finals of the TV Title tournament and beating one of the company’s top heels in the main event of a PPV has been stopped dead in it’s tracks. Granted, she has a little bit to work with when she gets back – she won’t have to start over from scratch completely. But she is going to have to re-establish her spot once she gets back.

    That said, duh, Brooke’s punishment is worse, since the whole thing is her fault anyway. I don’t know about the whole Hell’s Belles thing, though. Kat better hope that she doesn’t drop the TV title for some time, until the whole attacking Sabrina in an alleyway thing blows over anyway. The only reason Gabrielle didn’t suspend Kat along with the other Belles was that she was in an advertised match at the PPV. I get the feeling that once she’s no longer the champion, the time might come for her to take her medicine as well. And since, Jen is, well, useless, Hell’s Belles would effectively be dead at that point and Brooke would be out of luck on that front.

    • As if Sabrina has far to climb when she gets back. Please when she gets back she will be thrust right back into upper mid card. I mean she practically started in the mid card when she joined. And when she gets back, I bet she will be reintroduced as not only RA’s favorite spoiled brat, but a conquer of Japan’s scene as well.

  4. dark matches aren’t a bad thing.. if she got sent to rival angels version of heat or velocity.. that would be the dog house. I always saw dark matches as a craft honing situation.. youre on the companys tv ready radar there are just some minor kinks to work out. Ohno, Rollins, and Langston shouldnt be too far off from tv… ambrose might actually be in dark match hell.. poor guy had a feud going with foley and now nothing.. fun bags is in a good spot.. right on the cusp of a singles push imo

    • I’ve talked to different wrestlers who’ve said that mid-card work, curtain jerk, or dark match is worthwhile work if you can get it. That is, there’s nothing wrong with being a mid-carder. Brooke and the other Upstarts will be blazing back soon. Whether it’s in the ring or not though…

  5. Brina. you made it this whole time without crying…

    Roll 212.

    Silly Sun, Sabrina always cries when she doesn’t have her way. She’s going to cry even more when the protections are lifted and all of BRA wants a piece of her due to a pissed off Atlas.

    Like I said before, it’s the story of <strike)4 3 rookies trying to make it in the pro wrestling world. Poor Kenny…

  6. There’s one flaw with this, though it’s understandable: This isn’t the first time Sabrina and Sun have talked since Brina went to Japan, as per Sun’s comment about her getting thru this one without crying. If they had talked before, and they’ve probably talked multiple times, Sabrina would have asked Sun earlier about Brooke, and she would have learned that Brooke hasn’t been back since the catfight. Thus, this one catches us up, but Sabrina would have already been caught up.

    • Not necessarily. If Sabrina has been all tears and boo hooing over missing Sun and the hell she’s been going though it’s possible Fun Bags would not come up till now. Especially if their calls get cut short with one or the other getting pulled away.

  7. Heh, seems that Brooke’s jerking curtains instead of jerking…. well you get the picture.  She’s lucky she got to keep her job at all, seriously.