She’s not complaining, but Sabrina’s life is steadily getting more complicated. If she keeps this up, something’s going to give.

As for Yoshi and Sabrina getting busted out at the restaurant, I think old-school wrestling fans know what’s coming. 😉

If I can be serious for just a moment…
On Monday, a lot of discussion got out of hand and I’d like to apologize for my part in that. I don’t like it when people use terms like ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ for women as a way to put them back in their place and make them ashamed for their perceived promiscuity. I know that characters in Rival Angels are really rough on each other. Last Wednesday, Atlas called Sabrina a ‘bitch’ for rebuffing his advances. That’s totally in-character for him. Is it ever appropriate? Never. I hope as a community, despite what’s going on in the comic, we can treat each other, even the fictional ones with respect.

Back to the upcoming hijinks…

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