Chapter 4-Page-11-Knockdown

Sabrina was doing well as long as she was moving, but…she just got tagged. Can she recover in time?

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  1. Well, she took that punch well. Now all she has to do is GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY OF THE INCOMING BITSY!!!!! *flails arms wildly*

    • Well she is in a good spot and a bad spot.  The right use of the corner can get you back on offense.  So the question is can she use it or will she just get squashed?

      • Sabrina’s been training and Kaci has been making sure that she’s double tough, but the corner is looking kind of ominous, isn’t it? Can Sabrina use the corner to her advantage?

  2. Good attempt, Sabrina! Good attempt, but terrible idea. XD Maybe you can try again later, after you’ve pounded her into gravy and she can’t reverse effortlessly.
    You’ve been doing a lot of Spider-Man flipping about, but maybe you shouldn’t take your cue from Peter on how much mid-fight quipping is acceptable. If you can be gabbing, you could be punching instead.

    About the VI: THERE we go. That’s better, Sabrina. Since no one in the comic has ever even been hinted to punch like that, I can only assume that Albone sent you video on my training. Especially the recent training, where I’ve been practicing (redacted – somebody’s gonna get a nasty surprise), from the look of your form. Risky, but nasty!

    • Mid-fight quipping is perfectly acceptable, although Spider-Man does his best to not be within arm’s reach when he starts doing it. That’s the lesson for Sabrina here. Throw somebody off their game by messing with their head, acting like the fight is no big thing to you, but at the same time, giving yourself time to react when they go crazy on you.

      • Blitz, we’ve said before you need to be part of her training staff. 😉 I was going to say that Sabrina is more mouthy than usual, but actually, it’s probably about the same. She’s just fired up more than usual.

        Ciel, you bring up a good point about Spidey playing off the seriousness of the fight and keeping opponent’s at arm’s length. The problem is that usually you get caught, Spidey or Ultragirl and it’s a matter of being able to escape (or not) that makes the difference.

        • I would love a training gig! I’m only trying to break into pro MMA to get the cred to allow me to teach my style anyway.

        • I am far too professional, and far too pretty, to feel threatened by these other, lesser pretty-boys. Competition? Hey, game on.

          Unless they question my methods, of course. If that happens, the game is also on, in a much more tragic, much more hilarious sense.

      • My thoughts exactly Snowy. But maybe Black Widow will go easy on Sabrina and then…. Hahaha. I’m sorry I couldnt keep a straight face with that XD.

        The wrestler know as Ultragirl is about to be Ultraflat!

        • Stinkface? Hmmmm, we’ve never actually had one in Rival Angels. Could this be a first? I will admit that I’d be more willing to do it with Bitsy than another. 😛

          Dramatic reversal? Odds are, probably not the last of the dramatic reversals. lol Is that one coming up…

  3. As long as she doesn’t give up, I can see Sabrina continuing on with this fight until she tires the Black widow out enough to pin her down. 😀

    Dang she never faills to impress! Next up on Chef Blackwidow’s school of Culinary Arts, Ultra squash “Brina Pancakes!

  5. Referee needs to warn Black Widow about that closed fist. It certainly rocked Sabrina but she’s no down yet. Looks like she delivers a nice punch of her own on Wednesday thanks to the voting incentive. lol

    • The refs in BRA are going to give some leeway here. As for the Voting Incentive, I’ve been known to be kinda vague with those…! O_o It’s a dream! lol jk

  6. i like brina’s “i don’t that move worked out like that move should have” expression in panel 1 as she ponders how she got from the slam-er to the slam-ee. she may nee dto find about the local dentists after that shot to the jaw though. on the plus side though it DID wake her up to the fact that she needs to get serious as fragile speedsters caught in a corner with limited area to move against a mighty glacier is a bad thing.

    my suggestion, the whole double kick to the face while holding onto the corner ropes for leverage thing to back widow up a step or two, then use her spider-agility to flip herself onto the top turnbuckle and go for the top rope drop kick or steal Triple E’s Viking Hammer AJ styles’-esque flying forearm thingy. ((yeah yeah i’m gonna update it someday…))

    • Triple E is very inspiring. Love Erin! Excellent strategy for fighting her way out of the corner. Will she use it?

      Glad you liked panel 1. I LOL’d after drawing it. BRA’s dental is also very good.

  7. I want to root for Sabrina… But i’m too big a mark for the Widow. I hope Bitsy sends a boot to her abs before she gets up.

  8. Oof, Well, Black Widow finally gets a bit of offense in.  And Brina makes the mistake of going to the courner, where she can be pretty effectivly trapped.  I hope she’s got something in mind here, otherwise they’e gonna be scraping what’s left of her off the turnbuckles

  9. I guess we’ll never know if she pulled off that scoop slam. Too bad. BW bounces really good hehee But she’s eating one herself. And having been there I can assure you she’ll feel it.

    I like how panels 1 and 3 emphasize the size difference. It can feel like that even for me when she gets momentum going. This gives the shadows in the last pane real drama!

    • You never know…Sabrina may have another chance at the scoop slam, but is she crazy enough to try it? I know many of guy wrestlers that have slowed the tape down on Black Widow being slammed, impact and aftermath. Like on a constant loop. 😉

      Glad you liked the art! 🙂

  10. no  you certainly can not waste time  she’s big she’s dumb and slow go for the knees  big girls all have weak knees

      • We should be coming Columbus again this year. Annnnd Jessicka Havok said she’s going to that con. You really should try and meet her.

        • W00t! Me and Tracie always love seeing you and the fam. 🙂 JHavok is going to be there? Sweet! I’ve never met her and I’ve always wanted to. I met her BFF Alysin at SHIMMER once, but obviously not the same thing.