Chapter 4-Cover-Unfinished Business

No waiting till the end of the Season for this fight. If they play their cards right, the MWA might even make this fight somewhere in the middle of their card. 😛 Remember, the BRA ladies don’t get quite the respect that the Rival Angels ladies receive. More’s the pity!

Next weekend, July 27-29, I’ll be exhibiting at Otakon in Baltimore! I’ll have books, posters, prints, sketchbooks and I’ll be sitting next to my bestie Lora Innes at Table Q9! And next to her, will be Adam and Comfort Love. We got a whole row of comic goodness! And it’s one of the biggest anime/comic shows in the country, you know it’ll be a good time.
Find me at table Q9!

Voting Incentive!
Friday’s update does not look so great for Sabrina. Hark knocks!! Vote to see what’s coming up!


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  1. Gabrielle must be happy, that two of her rival angels are in the main event..
    Gabrielle must be saying now “INVASION TIME FOR BRA” as Sabrina plays along (innocently)

    when BRA get invaded, was will be shock what happen, as she’s the one who help it..

    BUT I REALLY LIKE TO SEE IS my favorite,,


  2. Well, I’ve finally caught up! It took me about a week of my life to read through the entire archive, and it was worth it. I found this site through a Project Wonderful ad on Sister Claire. Coincidently, the artist of Sister Claire, Yamino, lurks here!
    The art started out rough, but I saw great things ahead looking at how detailed the wrestling moves were portrayed. I’m glad I was not disappointed. Keep up the good work on the #1 wrestling webcomic… IN THE WORLD!
    To all the commentors, Brenda Rua, MGC, Snow Kitten, and all the rest, I feel like I’ve know y’all for years. It feels great to be here, now excuse me while I make myself at home.
    *kicks feet up on the couch*

    • Looks at your feet on the couch, “Umm Brenda you rub them…then clean out the little box… litter box first then feet rub.”

      • Thanks champ! I was wondering how to get her to stop rubbing her cheek against me 😉
        Can I get an autograph? 

    • Welcome Bucc-i, welcome! And glad you found your way by way of Sister Claire! I love Yamino’s work. 🙂

      So glad you felt compelled to read through the whole archive and get caught up! That’s really amazing so thanks. 😀 Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite character or two?

      And what a great welcoming bunch, eh? (thanks snowy and Champ!)

      • My favorite character is Lil Dragon Sun Wong because she’ll do anything to win! With Sabrina and Cocoa Rococo tied for second. To me Coco looks way better than Sabrina, I wish there was a wallpaper with Coco’s picture that’s on the right of the website on it.

        My favorite used to be Loretta Diaz, but she hasn’t had much screen time lately.

  3. I don’t know which is crazier….Brooke vs Sabrina or Widow vs Sabrina or even Chloe vs Sabrina…either way Sabrina got a way of making enemies the past few years. 🙁

  4. Fight Fight Fight! But look at the voting. Hmmmm. Is Sabrina being helped or held down, perhaps with the Widow looming overhead on the turnbuckles? We’ve seen her squash Kaci once… is it to be the same fate for Ultragirl. Stay tuned folks, same RA time, same RA channel 🙂

    • Do you think with some of the killer type matches she is getting they are trying to get her to retire do to injuries?

      • In the case of Black Widow I’d say they were trying to hold off on that as long as possible. Sabrina was their marketing darling, but if Widow were to put her out that’d be a lot of money that they couldn’t make off of Sabby. Nobody pays to see cosplaying models who are sporting casts, black eyes, and a neck brace.

        Unless this is all the BRA’s way of helping Sabrina prepare for her next cosplay as Oracle.

    • They’re probably helping her train for the match. Kaci and Coco hold her down, while Shamrox comes off the top with a splash (one of Widow’s signature moves).

  5. so will the background change with what organization Sabrina is with or what? I sort of expected it to change right here

  6. I didn’t think you’d do this match this early in the season. Shows how much I know. That leaves the climactic conflict for the season up in the air. I feel like a guy in an old EC war comic whose topkick tells him at the end, “You still got the war all figured out, Salisbury?”

    • It may be “early” but months have still passed for the characters. Any booker wanting to keep their job couldn’t postpone this match anymore than it already had, since remember Black Widow had been attacking Sabrina on her first two appearances with BRA and no match was set up at that point. Sabrina’s had many matches to establish herself, as well as Black Widow working her way through the rest of the roster, before now. The match had to happen, but Sabrina had to get her water-wings first.

  7. You really should sell t-shirts of your pages like this. I bet they would sell, good stuff! Friday should be awesome!!!