Sabrina finally agreed to attending one of these things…and she’s looking like she wished she hadn’t.

In attendance: Hioki, Cocoa, Shamrox, Mia Psycho, Ricochet, Dragon Fire, Yoshi, Schoolgirl Katsumi, Aggro Beast, Kunoichi, Yoshi’s entourage, Neko Suki, Atlas McNair, Jack Of Hearts, Sabrina, Ian and Kaci. Did I miss anyone? XD

Rival Angels Graphic Novel #4!
I’m so proud to announce the release of the last book of Season One, Graphic Novel #4! Own your own very piece of Rival Angels, the webcomic that’s never missed an update in 4 years and 650 updates. 😀 Personalized, one-of-a-kind sketches are available as well as the latest Sketchbook!

Voting Incentive!
Atlas is sort of a co-GM (to boss Takashi Matsumura) and how friendly is he looking to get with Sabrina? Vote to see what’s coming on Friday!