Emotions are at a all-time high and throw in some ‘baby talk,’ and you have a powder keg ready to explode. I think that’s the first time Sabrina’s gone through a table in Rival Angels. Probably not the last.

As for Brenda putting Sabrina through a table, there is a time honored tradition of faces jacking up other faces but not switching alignments like when Dean Ambrose laid out Roman Regins the week before their big Fatal Fourway or Stone Cold versus anyone, face or otherwise.

Schedule Break-Call for Fan Arts
Season 2 looks to end in the beginning of June and I’m going to take a few weeks off to get my comic buffer back up since it’s crazy low, before getting into Season 3! I’ll still be updating and if anyone wants to work on any Rival Angels fan arts, that would be a magnificent time to send them in so I can share them. on the site.

Bad Blood PPV
Danielle Perfection vs Veronica-Veronica
Susy vs Mistress Dark- Mistress Dark
Brandy and Vanessa vs Premiere Cheer – Brandy and Vanessa
Ashley vs Dyna – Dyna
Kyra vs Amanda – Kyra
Sammie vs Angel – Sammie
Yorks vs Sara and Loretta – York Sisters
Brooke vs Jen-Hardcore Match
Catgirls vs Towers of Terror-Catgirls
Ultradragon vs Black and Blue- Tag Team Championship-Black and Blue
#1 Contender Match-Kat vs Victoria vs Callie vs Shannon McCourt-Shannon McCourt
Krystin vs Xtina-TV Title Unification Match – DRAW

New Champ
Yvonne vs Brenda-60 minute Iron Woman Match-YVONNE

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