Catgirls beat the Towers of Terror! And here to ruin the party…not your usual Rival Angels catfight.

Xtina has big plans, and one has to think that she likes her chances of winning the unified TV belt. If you’re wondering where Xtina’s unhappiness comes from, it starts here:

and continues on here:

Yes, I’ve been planning this for over a year. ๐Ÿ˜›

Bad Blood PPV
Danielle Perfection vs Veronica-Veronica
Susy vs Mistress Dark- Mistress Dark
Brandy and Vanessa vs Premiere Cheer โ€“ Brandy and Vanessa
Ashley vs Dyna โ€“ Dyna
Kyra vs Amanda โ€“ Kyra
Sammie vs Angel โ€“ Sammie
Yorks vs Sara and Loretta โ€“ York Sisters
Brooke vs Jen-Hardcore Match
Catgirls vs Towers of Terror

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Ultradragon vs Black and Blue- Tag Team Championship

#1 Contender Match-Kat vs Victoria vs Callie vs Shannon McCourt
Krystin vs Xtina-TV Title Unification Match
Yvonne vs Brenda-60 minute Iron Woman Match

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