Things are getting nasty, though it could be argued that Brooke is only paying back Jen for the last time she was eye raked. Irregardless, Brooke is overwhelming Jen with her power and pressure. Is this a brand new Brooke? Or will Jen turn this back around? And is it only a matter of time before the rest of Hell’s Belles show up?

My friend Sam did another amazing picture, this time an updated look on the old Upstarts together. Definitely check out his DA account unless you normally avoid sites with occasional adult content.

Bad Blood PPV
Danielle Perfection vs Veronica-Veronica
Susy vs Mistress Dark- Mistress Dark
Brandy and Vanessa vs Premiere Cheer – Brandy and Vanessa
Ashley vs Dyna – Dyna
Kyra vs Amanda – Kyra
Sammie vs Angel – Sammie
Yorks vs Sara and Loretta – York Sisters

Coming up next!
Catgirls vs Towers of Terror
Ultradragon vs Black and Blue- Tag Team Championship
#1 Contender Match-Kat vs Victoria vs Callie vs Shannon McCourt
Krystin vs Xtina-TV Title Unification Match
Yvonne vs Brenda-60 minute Iron Woman Match

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