Do you remember who the legal ladies in the match are?
Sun and Sabrina are fans of the big finish which excites the fans but will be harder going forward. With this win behind them as an official tag team, who do you think they should face next?

Anime Central!
This weekend I’ll be at Anime Central, that is May 16-18! I’ll be in Artist Alley at table B19. In fact, I have a Making Webcomics panel at 10:15am this morning. XD I won’t have the new book yet, but I will have the other books, prints, posters and other fun stuff, including the Rival Angels Roster poster size!

Kickstarter-1st Stretch Goal
If you pledged to the Kickstarter, thank you! And I have finished the 1st Stretch Goal, namely the Rival Angels roster and you should have been alerted to it by email If you haven’t, go to the Rival Angels Kickstarter page to see the latest update and download your wallpaper.

You can name all of the ladies, right?

Voting Incentive!
Someone’s going to have a headache. Vote to check Friday’s preview!