Ultradragon vs. Cowgirl Brandy Brandt and Vanessa Holiday! In case you can’t guess, Vanessa (Rival Angels cosplayer) dresses up to honor the closest holiday and this match has her dressed as the Easter Bunny. πŸ˜€

Sun and Sabrina have enjoyed singles success and even though they are BFF, can they work cohesively as a unit? Vanessa and Brandy have been a team longer so will their experience bounce Ultradragon out of the tag division before they even get going?

KICKSTARTER: Rival Angels Season 2
LESS THAN 24 HOURS! Β We are in the home stretch and the campaign will be over at 5:30pm CT TODAY. We are very close to that final Stretch Goal, the Wrestling Moves Encyclopedia. There is a great shot that we can make it with a last minute push! Thanks everyone for your support and take a look; it’s not too late to get yourself some sweet Rival Angels swag.


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Rival Angels Season #2 -- Kicktraq Mini