Brooke was in the driver’s seat, but it just takes one miscue to lose control. She’s on the receiving end of some Dark Warrior payback; can Brooke recover?

KICKSTARTER: Rival Angels Season 2
We hit 91% yesterday and thanks to everyone for their pledges, support and spreading the word. We’re not their yet, so let’s get this done and get on to the Stretch Goals!

One of the most complete tiers you can get is the TELEVISION Champion. You get every Rival Angels book, including the new one AND every Rival Angels book in PDF.

65-Television-ChampionCheck it out if you haven’t, and consider spreading the good word. We’re (3/4th of the way there!

Voting Incentive!
Could Mistress Dark be winding up her coup de grace? Vote to see what’s coming up next!






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