Any surprises in the card so far? Danielle and Shannon seem to be on a roll lately. If their earlier locker room encounter was any indicator, the pair of the Crown’s best against Hell’s Belles will be high action.

KICKSTARTER: Rival Angels Season 2
In years past, I’ve taken pre-orders of Rival Angels books directly to you the reader but this time I’ve decided to team up with Kickstarter to cast a wider net. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a crowdsource platform designed to help creators fund their projects. In this case, I calculated the costs of printing Season 2, Book 1 and I offer you a variety of reward tiers to take advantage of. If you pledge but we don’t make goal, you aren’t charged a penny. But if we surpass the goal, there are some sweet stretch goals waiting for you, like bonus pages, or a wrestling encyclopedia! Plus, this is the first time I’m offering PDFs!

Season 2, Book 1 will collect the first 6 Chapters of season 2, clocking in around 175 full color pages. With the stretch goals in place, the number of pages will definitely grow.

If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you like Rival Angels so do yourself a favor and look at the campaign. There’s a good chance there’s something there for you. And if there’s not something for you, spread the word about this campaign. The more eyes on the campaign, the better chance it has of succeeding and in that, we all win.

Voting Incentive!
Things aren’t looking so hot for the People’s Princess. Vote to check Friday’s preview!