Brenda’s not bashful about speaking her mind, or doling out what she feels are appropriate consequences, even if it means she’s taking a shortcut to the World Title match at the Heaven and Hell pay-per-view. Sabrina gets one last chance to speak her piece.

Marking Out
This past weekend I was able to attend SHIMMER women’s wrestling, probably the best indy wrestling in the country. I was able to enjoy it in the company of friends and family. We started talking about being a fan and ‘marking out.’ We came to the conclusion that you almost HAVE to be a little bit of a mark to walk through the door, but that’s okay. It means that you’re buying into it and you at least want to enjoy the action. We talked about what might happen if we worried less about, well, whatever and just bought more into it. Would we be happier with the product? I think we might. However, that does swing both ways, and you could suffer from Overmark, where we think that buying into it actually hurts the experience. I think taking things too seriously would land one in Camp Overmark.
What do you guys think? And where do you fall…Little bit of a Mark, Full fledged Mark or an Overmark?



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