In the early days of MMA when fighters came from a specific background, the ‘Wrestler vs. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’ debates were all the rave. The analysis on paper was that wrestlers were superior on top, but in deep water when it came to being on their back. BJJ practitioners were just as good on their back as they were on top. However, when rubber met road, you sometimes got some wildly unexpected results.

Nowadays, fighters practice a little bit of everything to be well-rounded. This exchange was a nod to those days, but also to show the skillsets between Sabrina and Brenda. In my mind, Brenda’s always been a solid wrestler. Sabrina would be crazy to go in against her with that, so she picked the skillset needed to combat that expertise.


We had so much fun last Sunday, we’re going to do it again! Join me this Sunday, March 4th at 11am CT and we’ll talk Rival Angels, wrestling and whatever comes to mind.





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