DREAM SEQUENCE! Sun’s got MAYBE plans on moving in with Jake, but with the Upstarts getting kicked out, what will Sun do about Sabrina wanting to move in with HER?

Anyone get the Mike Seaver, Growing Pains reference? XD I was going to title this update, ‘Three’s Company,’ but we already had one old school sitcom reference.

Long time readers, sharp eyed readers may remember Jake McGuilicutty. His appearances have been few and far between, but I always had plans of him being romantically involved with one of the Upstarts when I introduced him 9 years ago. I wanted him to be LUKE from Gilmore Girls, but it just never shook out that way. His most recent appearances were in 2014 but even though his appearances were brief, I tried to make them impactful. My favorite scene with him is when Krystin had the girls for a sit down at his new cafe.
Catch Jake’s greatest hits HERE.

What do you guys think? You like Jake and Sun together?



Winter Break!
Usually between Christmas and the start of the New Year, I like to take a break from updating the main story, even though I’m not updating, I’m still working hard. But this is a time for YOU to shine, my friend. If you have any Fan Art, stories, or anything you’d like to share, hit me up before the end of the month and I’ll post it!


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