Already in progress, some tag team mayhem as Ultradragon defends their World Tag Team titles against Zombie Luna and Lover Lola, The Towers of Terror with their manager Johann, and Johann’s got his pizza. That might have to be conciliatory pizza if Ultradragon continues on their roll. After all, Ultradragon beat the Towers of Terror to become the #1 contenders to the World Titles in the first place.


Sunday, December 3rd, at 11am CT we’ll be doing a Hangout on Picarto. Watch me draw and ask me questions that I have to (probably) answer. Hope to see you there!



This is it, only one more day to go! Not only have we hit goal, but we hit all the Stretch Goals, including THREE Live Action Rival Angels matches for anyone that pledged $40 or more! Thanks to everyone who has supported. This has been a ton of work, but a lot of fun. More work and fun coming.


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