Neko had some great offense for a minute, but not enough to get her smothering on, at least not yet. She might be able to build on the classic bite (to the butt) and bearhug, if she can recover in time. And for Brooke, she’s on paper, the better fighter, but she keeps letting Neko back into the match. With all that said and done, who’s coming out with the WIN?

Picarto Hangout
The next hangout will take place on Sunday August 27th at 11am CT. We’ll be talking Rival Angels, wrestling, comics and anything else you want to chat about. I’ll be working on the latest wallpaper for you guys.
Speaking of wallpapers, what would you guys like to see this month?

SummerSlam Review
Last Sunday was the 30th SummerSlam (WOW) and they changed a ton of titles, starting with the pre-show. I kind of checked out for the match between Corbin and Cena, as I was drawing in front of the broadcast. I just didn’t feel the need to look up. Tracie was disappointed that Bliss lost, but I liked the match and would have been happy with Sasha or Bliss winning. I felt Rusev took one for the team and made it so we didn’t have to suffer through another boring Orton match. Also, sell of the evening goes to Rusev.
Loved seeing Nattie win. I didn’t think she’d get another run in the company as champ, but I’m sure it’s just to feed her to a ‘face’ Charlotte. Blah. It wasn’t the best match, but I loved Finn vs Bray and especially loved how Finn ‘fought fire, with fire’ with that beginning intro.
Best match of the night was probably AJ and KO. They have really great chemistry and I loved how KO got in Shane’s face. What I don’t like is the inevitable Shane vs KO…probably at Wrestlemania or Survivor Series. Blargh.
Dean and Rollins…don’t like Rollins, never have, probably never will. Shinsuke vs Jinder was decent, a necessary step for both of them, but a little clunky. The 4-way was fine, if not clunky with Brock going out on a stretcher. That whole thing has been horribly overdone. I think we all learned for sure that Brock doesn’t need to be under contract to go fight for UFC, he’s already done it. Everyone turned in great performances. Anyone who says that Roman isn’t a good worker, isn’t paying attention, though any criticisms about his character or lack of charisma is solid. Braun and of course, Joe were solid.