I mentioned last update that Neko would fight dirty, despite this not being a catfight, and a boob punch and hair pulling are right up there. Of course, Brooke isn’t afraid to get a little dirty and fight fire with fire, or in this case…well, you know. Brooke’s on top now, but can she maintain the momentum?

Anyone surprised with Atlas’s behavior?
Speaking of Atlas’s behavior…
Rival Angels Forum – Fan Fiction
Over on the Rival Angels Forum, long time reader and RA guest, CALLIE, wrote another great entry about her time in BRA. Be warned! I would give it a TV-MA rating on content, language and situation, especially since it involves Atlas and the dark places he’s willing to go. A great read with the disclaimer.


Picarto Hangout
The next hangout will take place on Sunday August 27th at 11am CT. We’ll be talking Rival Angels, wrestling, comics and anything else you want to chat about. I’ll be working on the latest wallpaper for you guys.
Speaking of wallpapers, what would you guys like to see this month?



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