Man, Yvonne is so close to reaching the ropes. And right in front of Sabrina. What do you think? Does Sabrina try to ‘help out,’ push the rope closer to Yvonne or something else to give her teammate the edge? Or can Yvonne do it herself? And is Kyra right, in questioning if Camille is human or a cyborg from the future?

Yvonne was getting clever, using a move that Sabrina favors, the Michinoku Driver, calling on her Damage Inc teammates move set. Will she be able to channel Nikki’s expertise and escape, and/or counter?




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Season 3 (Volume 7) will collect the first 4 Chapters of season 3, clocking in around 125+ full color pages, up to 145 pages with Stretch Goals.

If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you like Rival Angels so do yourself a favor and look at the campaign. Odds are, you’ll find something there for you. Spread the word about this campaign, if you fancy. The more eyes on the campaign, the better chance it has of succeeding and in that, we all win.


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