Here comes Sabrina wearing her American Macho gear! Consider this the bonus skin in the Rival Angels game’s DLC. Touching back on last update where Lora Innes designed Cocoa Rococo, she also came up with this version of Sabrina. We were at Anime Boston in 2014 and I asked her what Sabrina’s American outfit would be and this is what she came up with. Fits Sabrina to a T. 🙂

But not we have it; Sabrina Ultragirl Mancini vs. Cocoa Rococo…friends turned bitter rivals. How is this one going to end?

American Macho




EDIT: I did this for Snow below, but if you care to check out some highlights between Sabrina and Cocoa, here you go:
Cocoa was run out of Brazil:

Cocoa ‘bends’ the rules to beat Sabrina (pun intended):

Cocoa and Sabrina decide to be friends:

Where Cocoa betrays Sabrina:

When they saw each other next:



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