EDIT: For some reason the page isn’t loading properly. The preview is correct for me, but not displaying correct. Nothing huge, just some flavor text for panel 2. If you’d like to see, check it out here:

EDIT 2: Looks like it came back after I fixed that typo. 😛


Cocoa Rococo! I know a lot of you have been waiting for her to show up again, and against her favorite nemesis, Sabrina! In case you’re wondering what county’s flag she’s repping, that would be Brazil. Long time readers may remember that Cocoa fled Brazil after selling out her friends. She’s not been home since, but that doesn’t stop the faithful, or the patriotic to come out and support her.

Here’s a wonderful image that Lora Innes did for me, which is all kinds of awesome since she’s the one who came up with Cocoa! It seems like yesterday that we were outside the ice cream shop when she dropped the Cocoa bomb on me. I think that was…2009?

Be sure to go check out Lora’s super fabulous page (and I know that some of you do!) to see what awesome she’s bringing.


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