Some questionable sportsmanship on the part of Black Widow, especially given that Sun was having a hard time breathing after the brutal Bonzai Drop from last update. It didn’t help that she didn’t get off of Sun until Atlas gave the thumbs up, right in front of Gabrielle in her own skybox of her home arena. Things may still get uglier before the end of the night.

The last comment from Black Widow is in reference to Sun’s insistence to being on the Pay Per View back at the Press Conference earlier in the chapter.

Next: Cocoa Rococo vs Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini! (BRA title is NOT on the line)

What are your predictions for the match?



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RIP Bobby Heenan

Super sad to hear of the Brain’s passing. He had been battling various illnesses for some time but still a little off-guard at his passing.

I think most of us remember him and his banter with Gorilla Monsoon on Monday Night Prime Time Wrestling and at the live events that they were ringside calling matches. What we didn’t know then but know now, especially in hindsight was the love and respect they had for each other as friends.

It comforts me to know that Bobby and Gorilla will be calling matches together once again in heaven.




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