Lots of work ahead of everyone and now everyone is under pressure, like a certain Queen song. Gabrielle is telling them that they HAVE to win, failure is not an option if you’ll pardon the cliche. Can the Upstarts rise to the occasion? And Rival Angels for sale? Say it isn’t so!

And we come to the end of another chapter. Only THREE more to go!

Color Help
More color help, this time from Kay King. I’ve known Kay for a long time and even had commissioned her a time or two on Rival Angels. Be sure to check out her wonderful work over at her website.

Ringo Awards
It looks like the Ringo Awards are accepting nominations and is open to everyone. Exercise your right to vote, and if you feel like a certain Lady Wrestling Webcomic should be up for consideration, here’s your chance. There’s a lot of choices, but the one that would fit Rival Angels best would be BEST WEBCOMIC. 😉 Thanks!!




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