First off, we’re going to get the main story going again, Shiny and Gold. You may recognize this image, but I’m reposting it to get back on track.

Second, Dave is still doing Christmas Angels and it’ll be updating on Mondays. No worries, I’ll be sure to include a BACK link so you can refamilarize yourself, if you need it.

And it’s been a while since we’ve seen the new Tag Team champs! Will fame and success go to their heads? How will life differ, if at all, after winning the tag titles? Can Sun and Sabrina’s BFF-ness withstand the pressure of being a champion?

Fun times ahead!

Wrestlemania! RAW/Smackdow
So, what did you guys think of Wrestlemania? All in all, it was a good PPV. Everything went down how I’d like it to, except maybe Bray and Orton. That was kinda meh.

Loved the Hardy Boyz return! I just hope it’s not Team Extreme. I hope it’s the BROKEN HARDYS!

AJ winning was a no-brainer, but glad to see it anyways. Taker retiring…that’s cool. He’s had a great career.

The callup for Shinsuke Nakamura, Tye, the Revival, and the return of Finn were all excellent. And what a great way to make sure that Finn doesn’t get hurt than to tag with the most dangerous man in wrestling, Seth. After all, Seth can’t hurt you if you’re tagging with him, right? Right?  And can’t forget about the return of Evil Emma! I’ve always liked her from way back in SHIMMER and glad to see her back and up to her old ways.



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