That wasn’t very nice of Blue Danvers, to taunt Sun like that. However, if we know Sun like we do, she probably had that coming. Unfortunately, Sabrina is going to be the exclamation point on that sentence thanks to this brainbuster…unless they make a move or the champs make a miscue.

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Google Hangout-Youtube Livestreaming
Google Hangouts have been discontinued. I guess Google figured they already have Youtube, and with Hangouts being so easy to use, let’s just get rid of it. No more Google Hangouts, so we’re going to try Youtube Livestream. Come check out the used-to-be Hangout this Sunday morning at 11CT where I’ll be drawing Brooke roughing up another blonde lass with a Heart shaped boob window. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.brooke-vs-kylie-headscissors-blueline