I think you could argue that Sun, Sabrina, Krystin and Brooke made it across the finish line on this one, and that maybe a movie titled, Giraffecane, just might not have the power to keep everyone’s attention.

This is the end of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 is going to start off hot and heavy, but before that, there are some KICKSTARTER pages that are due, including the second FAWN vs Rival Angels which will be several pages long. Next update will see Kim Hart…realize her dream?


Alexa Bliss/Becky Lynch
Did you guys see Alexa’s new Harley Quinn outfit on Sunday? Dynamite. Also, it can’t be understated how awesome she was in the match. She might not have won, but she got a ton of spots.

Also, Yay for Becky becoming the Smackdown Women’s Champion!!




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For my part it’s kind of replaced the Voting Incentive, and is a place that I put sketches, pictures and announcements that wouldn’t normally make it here.

TL, DR you can see an advance preview of a Toe Hold Commission I did.

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