Brooke won! Much to the horror of Angel Soprano and Hell’s Belles and that means that Brooke has one more person on her hitlist. Can Brooke take the war to Kat?

In bigger news, hell has frozen over and Sun has forgiven Krystin. Or is Sun really a Cylon? But if it’s one thing, forgiveness is one thing, forgetting it is a whole other thing, but but for now, Brooke was super quick with volunteering her roommates into her latest promotional gig. What could go wrong with the Upstarts attending the Red Carpet Premiere of a movie with the title, GIRAFFEICANE? Sounds like a movie involving a hurricane and…giraffes?


Tonight, July 29th at 9pm CT, we’re going to have a Google Hangout. All are invited! Ask questions, watch me draw, make requests and more. We’ll talk about wrestling, comics and whatever else YOU want.


Sabrina vs Krystin
Cale over at AFW has put together his own comic story wrestling match with Sabrina and Krystin and he has the first two pages up HERE!

The page is safe for work, but the rest of his site might have some skin so be warned of the skin!!



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