Brooke’s overconfidence has allowed Serisette to hang around this match. Is this a mistake, and hurricanrana, that Brooke can recover from? Blasphemy! LOL


Credit: WWE

Credit: WWE

So RAW was pretty good this week, and only 2 hours from my home, them being in Green Bay, WI.

I’m kind of digging all the push and support going in behind Charlotte, but there is a danger here. Some like Dean and Stephanie are saying that without Ric, she won’t make it, and/or dumping him was too soon. If she does fail without her Dad, as a heel, there’s no way for her to go except down. With the way they are pushing her, that doesn’t seem likely so it’s weird that they’re taking her on that road as a heel. Honestly, I don’t care for her, and I’ll continue to cringe as they bring Becky back to feed the Charlotte.
At this point, it’s just great to see Natayla in the ring, even if she’s getting Dana Brooke over. Ugh.

New Day was good in putting a lamp shade on the coming up and goings ons with the Brand Expansion. That could be fun IF we get some great matches, and not just more of the same.

I’m kinda glad to see Breeze and Fandango still have jobs and I still like the Usos so this match was ok.

Rusev US Champ 2.0…meh. Does anyone really thing Titus will be the next US champ? Anyone?

Ah, good to see Enzo and Big Cass and Enzo hung on to his mic!!! Cool match, and a little melancholy that the Dudley’s are job- well, getting new talent over. I’m surprised that Bubba Ray doesn’t use his, ‘Do you know who I am, ‘ bit.

The main event with Ambrose, Sami and Cesaro against Del Rio, Jericho and Owens had some great moments, especially Owens before the match in the locker room. He was hilarious as the straight man for once.




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