I’m just going to leave that here and let you guys mull it over. Fitting though that this chapter started and ended with Krystin, but that’s not all for our favorite Definition of Technician.



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CREDIT: WWE Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazo

CREDIT: WWE Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazo

A solid NXT this week. Nia Jax had a good match with Deonna Purrazzo. I don’t know why they have Deonna job out so much. She’s kind of something on the indie scene from what I understand. I have to admit, I marked out for Nia’s leg drop finish. XD

American Alpha vs Enzo and Cass was good from a ‘fantasy’ booking aspect. I don’t think we expected Enzo and Cass to win. Nice job on the clean finish.

No Way Jose. No Thanks. This smacks of Fandango, Adam Rose, Cj Parker and any other goofy gimmick that had a short shelf life.

Samoa Joe vs Apollo Creed was good. Kind of a classic match where the heel got over, and likely because he’s going on to bigger things. Glad to see Joe not fade away after two losses to Finn.