Things are going great for Ultradragon. They’ve got the upper hand for the first time this match, with some strategy and good timing. Can they press their advantage?

Thanks to everyone for your support. With over 2 weeks left, let’s see if we can’t hit some of these Stretch Goals!



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Y’know, this felt kind of like a place holder, like they’re killing time until WrestleMania. With half the roster injured, I’m not sure I blame them. Bringing up Sami is a great decision but putting him in a match with 6 other dudes in a ladder match is…well, not the best.
I completed checked out during the Bubba Ray vs Truth match. I don’t feel I missed anything, especially that was in the X-Pac Memorial spot, the cooler match before the main event.
Going back to the place holder feel, we got a Nattie sighting! But, fighting the champ, Charlotte. :/ She’s not going to drop so it’s to try and advance the plot. I must say that Sasha has some great mic skills, but Becky’s probably the best on the mic. That alone should get her the title, but I fear that won’t happen.
AJ vs KO, was ripe with potential, but again, place holder. The Jericholic in me was happy to see him avenge that loss to Fandango. XD
New Day vs LON was interesting, in that the League completely no-sold the SHAMING before the match, as opposed to getting angry or blustery. The New Day did make some good points about how good they USED to be, Barrett, Sheamus and Del Rio at least. Zero heat.