Snowy was looking to squash the beef, but Sun’s not having any of it. Having the resentment might be the little push she needs, or the anchor to drag her down. Or maybe she’ll look to squash things after the match?

Wow, there were an awful lot of jobber matches on NXT this week. Not really a complaint, just an observation. Emma vs Santana was decidedly one-sided, but after the run of bad luck that Emma’s had for the last 2 years, I’ll definitely give there that. Plus, she really made the most of it and Santana still looked good.

Aries was a nice surprise and any time you see the wicked scowl on William Regal’s face, you know it’s a good reaction.

Obviously, Neville vs Balor was the highlight of the night and I really thought it delivered. Both guys looked crisp and put on a wonderful performance. I don’t think the outcome was ever in question, but what does it say about Neville if he beats Finn for the NXT title? Is it a step backwards?

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