Xtina, ever the helpful one to point out a glaring omission. Brooke and Krystin are struggling to find it. How about you?

Monday Night RAW
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I know a lot of peeps are excited about Shane McMahon returning, but I don’t know if I’m sold. If he beats Undertaker, Steph and Hunter will have to ‘report to him?’ That sounds weak and temporary. And Shane vs. Undertaker? Was anyone really asking for that? I am hoping he can sub someone else in, but I have a feeling the guy who jumped off the Titan-tron onto Big Show is back. XD

Naomi vs Sasha was pretty good, though kind of a shaky start for Naomi. I enjoyed the match. My cynicism got the best of me when Becky arrived…I didn’t expect her to show, but it was all validated when Charlotte showed up, with of course, Ric. Throwing down the gauntlet for Becky and Sasha was interesting, but it’s not like Becky and Sasha are BFF or anything, so I don’t know how much drama they can hope to build from that. Is anyone thinking that Becky will win that? to me, the clear answer is Sasha and Charlotte at Wrestlemania and I’m hoping for a Sasha win.

AJ and Jericho was entertaining as were the Social Outcasts. Sad that there was no Kevin Owens.

What’d you guys think?


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TopWebcomics, OR, the Rival Angels Facebook Page. So here’s the thing about the Voting Incentive; I really like the idea behind it. I love showing you guys a little bit of a preview. But right now Rival Angels ranks around #198. It’s nothing bad that you guys are doing, but with all the new webcomics out there and the readership all over the place, it’s bound to separate and pool in a few places. For instance, the rankings are only separated by a few votes in some instances and the top 10 is only separated by a few hundred. Anyways, I’ll definitely be continuing the Voting Incentive through February but I’m going to rethink it going forward.

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