This last weekend was the inaugural C2E2 in downtown Chicago! C2E2 was held at the McCormick Center which was huge and I believe the attendance for the show was 27,500. Not too bad for a first time show, eh?

I was able to hang out with my friends Lora Innes, and Michelle Timian the whole weekend and it was WAY too much fun. I almost forgot that I was there hawking the latest installment of Rival Angels to the masses. O_o

I got it together though and met many of YOU personally (and thanks for getting a copy of Volume 2!), like Chris and Sticky which is always such a treat. To be able to put faces with the names here in the comments and in the interweb is super WIN. Not only that but I got to see some other peeps from around the way like Trevor, Joe, Antoine (who helped me work on my pitch, brother!), Byron, Dawn, Kurt, Thom, Bryan and Brad. I also found myself the unexpected neighbor of Gina Biggs, which was really awesome because I’ve been a fan of Red String since hearing her on TGT Webcomics. It was great chatting with them all and expect more ‘me and Trevor’ news because I think every con from here on in, is hanging out with him. 😛

After hours was a lot of fun too as we visited some great local Chicago joints like Miller’s, the Palmer House and the Hancock building. We even got to belatedly celebrate Lora’s birthday!  Miller’s staff and customers joined in for a tune of Happy Birthday for the b-day girl. XD

I took a few pics from the con…

The King, Jerry Lawler and me:
Jerry Lawler and Albone

The setup:

Me, Thom, Trevor and Lora

The Princess

Chris and his new MsChif commission that I drew

Chris also got an amazing commission from Lora or Krystin!

Was Sabrina and Brooke cosplaying at this show?
(I didn’t take these pics but if they’re yours, let me know)

Showing the SHIMMER love