Anime Milwaukee celebrated it’s third year on March 12-14th and since it was in my own backyard, how could I refuse attending? More to the point, I was able to secure a spot in Artist Alley and ply my lady wrestling wares. Not only that, but my buddy from Chicago, Trevor was able to come up and partake in the festivities as well. Trevor was selling his book as well and you might remember that he’s a fan of Rival Angels, especially Brooke. Aussie accents are hot. 😉

Anime Milwaukee was a good con to start the convention season with. Not so crazy big as Wizard World Chicago, but a lively crowd. Friday was my best day sales wise and that’s with being in the corner nook of the hallway. I should mention that Anime Milwaukee is held in the Student Union of University of Milwaukee and because of that, I knew the area quite well. 😉

Friday night, Trevor and I picked up some grill food and watched Zombieland. I’m happy to say that it was an entertaining movie and just a little bit slick. There’s a great ‘Hulk’ joke in there too which I appreciated.

We started the con out on Saturday with a panel on (drum roll) Making Webcomics! I know a thing or two about that. 😉 We had a good turnout and some consistently good questions from the audience. Back at Artist Alley, I have to say it was my slowest sales day and I think for a lot of other guys too, though you’d never know it because the attendance was it’s highest. It seems they revelers had spent most of their dough on Friday! It was still fun. We even got to meet friend and webcomic friend, Onyx Sparrow!

Later that night, Trevor and I worked on comic stuff while watching Jurassic Park 1 and 2! Total nerd-out! But, I was happy for it as I was able to finish up some Rival Angels work and help keep that update streak alive. (349 and counting!)

Sunday, back at the con started furiously with sales right away and then a drop off. It was fun mingling with the guests and I even got to see a few of my hometown buddies in attendance (and even some not so friendly faces! !!) but all in all, a pretty cool con and I’ll definitely be signing up again next year. As it turns out Anime Milwaukee doubled it’s attendance from the previous year and are moving out of the scholarly halls of the university for the posh of the Hyatt hotel! Is it mere coincidence that Anime Milwaukee’s attendance would double the same year Rival Angels is there? I didn’t think so. 😛

I was only able to take a few pictures because my batteries ran out of juice!