The Anime Milwaukee brass has let me host a couple of panels for the show. The first one, Making Webcomics, is on Saturday at 9am. If you’re starting out or just a fan of webcomics, you’ll want to come check it out.

The second panel is on, wait for it….Rival Angels. Yes, an entire panel dedicated to Rival Angels on Sunday from 1pm-2pm. 🙂 Obviously, if you’re a fan of Rival Angels, wrestling or hot girls, you should come check it out. Get the inside scoop on what’s happened and what’s yet to come. Maybe a spoiler or two?
For those that won’t be there at the Rival Angels Panel, feel free to submit any questions below that you might’ve asked had you bee at the panel. I’ll take some of those questions with me to answer at the show and also on the forum. 😀