I was on the East Coast a couple of weekends ago as a Featured Artist at Anime Boston. I was in very good company with Lora and Mike Innes, Spinnerette (Krazy Krow and Sara) who I did some panels with over the weekend and Karlen Tam who is an all around excellent illustrator and awesome table neighbor.

Boston is a cool town and you can’t go wrong wandering in any direction, but I’m a big fan of Sam Adams RED BRICK so I will go in any direction I can find that. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend you try it.

Anime Boston is 24K peeps cutting loose for 12 hours a day and they are in their element. So many great cosplays, boundless energy and fantastic peeps made this a really great weekend and I look forward to doing it again. The evidence below: (CLICK on an image to make it bigger)