Ambush Bug is the man! Giving much love to Rival Angels in his dot.comics review. 

“One of the coolest things about comics is that they can be about just about anything, especially webcomics, which don’t have to deal with uptight execs thinking about trends and expectations in the marketplace. In this medium, the artist/writer doesn’t have to worry about all that and can just tell the tale he wants to. Here’s such a concept: female professional wrestlers. Creator Alan Evans seems to know his stuff about the inside workings of what it takes to become a professional wrestler and has wrapped that info around a sweet story about a somewhat innocent girl who becomes a rising star in the industry in RIVAL ANGELS. Without proving herself, Ultragirl wins the animosity of her fellow athletes, but management sees dollar signs in her future, so up, up, up the ladder she goes. Evans knows how to dole out equal doses of drama and action. The wrestling matches are pretty well choreographed and the wrestling moves are done in a Scott McDaniel sort of way where multiple images of the person are drawn to signify complex acrobatic movements. Cheese-cakey, but hey, what do you expect from a comic about female wrestlers? There are quite a few pages of this webcomic completed and new ones drop every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

Ambush Bug knows! Go check out his the comics reviews in general, you might find something new you like!