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This is the story about four girls who battle for survival in the ring of women’s wrestling, only for them to discover that surviving their battles with each other outside the ring is a completely different matter.

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Chapter 1 The Beginning
We meet
Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini while she’s in the midst of a match and then get a little introspection on who she is, where’s she been and where she’s going.

Chapter 2 Hell’s Belles
DE SADE! We are introduced to Chole and the Hell’s Belles and they’re not happy about a certain rookie getting called up from the developmental league.

Chapter 3 Home Sweet Home
Sabrina learns that her new living arrangements come with a whole lot of attitude. Sabrina also has her first pro match with intersting results, while her roommates also wrestle their first matches. The roommates then learn the bonding power of booze.

Chapter 4 Mixing and Mingling
Morning junk food and hibrow socializing encapsulate this chapter, with some fireworks going off between the roommates.

Chapter 5 Rookie Rumble!
The roommates are forced to fight one another and its every woman for herself! For over a half an hour, these roommates fight, punch, kick and slam each other, trying to get that elusive win. There are many attempts at victory, but at the end of the day, there can only be one winner.

Chapter 6 Rules of Engagement
The return of the Hell’s Belles as well as a well earned night off for the Upstart Girls. After a night of partying, Sabrina makes a new friend in Vincent, a cute party goer but there’s more than meets the eye with this fellow. This prompts Brooke to scheme against Sabrina and cost Sabrina her job in Rival Angels. All of that takes a back seat as the girls prepare for their matches. Krystin and Brooke vs The Catgirls! Sun ‘Lil Dragon’ Wong vs Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine and Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini tries to avenge her past losses to Loretta Diaz and win herself a spot into the TV Tournament. After the matches, Brooke has a meeting with Gabrielle, but not before meeting with Michael. As it stands, Brooke’s immediate future is tied with Sabrina’s which takes us to the next chapter and the Rival Angels Halloween Special!

Chapter 7 The Rival Angels Halloween Special
Sabrina and Brooke are forced to work together on the Rival Angels Halloween Special. They’re challenge comes from the monsters, The Towers of Terror, one of the most dangerous and brutal tag teams in Rival Angels. Making this match even more important is that should Brooke not win this match, her contract with Rival Angels will be terminated and she’ll be forced to return to the developmental territories!

Chapter 8 Ride the Sky
After a humiliating meeting with the boss of Rival Angels, Sabrina is finally in on the plans and lies that Brooke and Vincent have been keeping from her. Things get heated between Brooke and Sabrina and after some cooling down, Sun decides to treat her friend, Sabrina to some much needed downtime. Along the way, we find out about Sabrina’s last loss in a wrestling ring.

Chapter 9 Fight!
Monday Night Meltdown has started and  of round one of the tournament to crown a new Television Champion! The Bonus Life Battle Royal offers the winner a shot back into the TV tournament, at any stage that they desire. Valentine vs Carpenter and York vs Buckingham to see who goes on in the tournament. Intrigue from Upstart girls Brooke, Sun and Krystin. Sabrina fights Hell’s Belle member Jennifer Needles and
you know that when you fight one member of Hell’s Belle’s, you fight them all.

Chapter 10 Sun Rising
Writen by Justin Riley. We all know and love ‘Lil Dragon’ Sun Wong and now we find out a bit about her past, her hopes, her fears, her failures and her triumphs.

Chapter 11 Internal Affairs
The Upstart girls start forging their own paths. Krystin is receiving marching orders from a mysterious source. Brooke makes an open challenge to the entire Rival Angels roster. Can you guess who accepts? The Upstarts have a bit of fun at the expense of Hell’s Belles. We finally see the tag team pairing of Sun and Sabrina, but will Sun’s secret tear apart their friendship?

Chapter 12 Dragon Bite
Written by Lora Innes. The Upstart girls spend the day training and preparing for their upcoming bouts. BFF Sun and Sabrina begin a heated argument in the ring that quickly gets out of control. Later, Sabrina is comforted by unlikely sources.

Chapter 13 Hostile Intent
Chaos ensues as Brooke’s tryst with Michael is revealed, while things remain chilly between Sun and Sabrina. All of the girls have big matches. Brooke faces Monica in a return match, Sun fights Josephine York in her first match as a part of Damage Incl, Krystin fights Sara Valentine in a Schoolyard brawl and Sabrina  needs to best Xtina Carpenter to advance to the finals of the TV Tournament. What surprises lay in store for the girls?

Chapter 14 New Kind of Trouble
Old scores are settled, new ones are made and wrestling politics kick into high gear a the club opening of Club Redline.

Chapter 15 The Morning After
Sabrina’s availability for the Heaven and Hell Pay-per-view is in jeopardy unless she can pass a physical. This shouldn’t be a problem if this headstrong rookie can follow the rules of rehab?

Chapter 16 TheRumble Awards
The seventh annual Rumble Awards ceremony, where werecognize the outstanding people and moments of the year.

Chapter 17 Homecoming
Sabrina’s availability for the Heaven and Hell Pay-per-view is in jeopardy unless she can pass a physical. This shouldn’t be a problem if this headstrong rookie can follow the rules of rehab.

Chapter 18 Heaven and Hell!
What we’ve been waiting for, the Heaven and Hell Pay-per-view!  Monica vs Brooke! Sabrina vs Kat Smith for the TV title! Plus, much more backstage drama.