8 Facts About Brooke

Bikini Brooke

A few weeks ago on DeviantArt, Lora Innes tagged me with an OC Meme that asked for 8 facts about Brooke. I posted it there, but I thought there’s a lot of readers here that would find these facts about Brooke interesting.

8 Facts About Brooke

1. Brooke is originally from Sydney, Australia and was there until she was 16 years old.

2. Brooke’s Dad remarried and moved Brooke and her new family to the States. Brooke has a new step-mother and two step-sisters. Brooke is not close to any of them.

3. Brooke originally tried out for an independent wrestling promotion in California as a model and was offered a spot in their training academy under the wrestling guidance of Hazzard and Ultravixen.

4. Brooke’s training lasted 15 months before she ‘convinced’ Hazzard that she was ready for the big leagues of Rival Angels.

5. Brooke watches her figure and hates sweets. Except for chocolate. And fruit pies. And the occasional splurge of marshmallow pie for a job well done.

6. Brooke’s newer ‘Aphrodite’ outfit was based on Sabrina’s older wrestling outfit.

7. Brooke is allergic to nuts and dander. She’s never had a pet or chocolate almonds.

8. Brooke was a C cup before getting breast implants. She saved up half of the money on her own and borrowed the rest from her Dad.